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Answers to Your Questions about the AGS21 Virtual Annual Meeting

View our Annual Meeting FAQ graphic below, or read more details here.

What can attendees expect from #AGS21 Virtual?

Attendees will be given access to the AGS Annual Meeting virtual site where they will be able to access all annual meeting content. Sessions will stream at their scheduled times and will be available for viewing on-demand immediately following the scheduled time.   

Plenary Sessions: Plenaries will be simu-live: pre-recorded talks with the plenary session speakers appearing live onscreen after the presentation for Q&A with attendees. Attendees will type their questions into the chat feature and presenters will answer them live onscreen.
Symposia, Workshops, Paper Sessions: These sessions will feature pre-recorded presentations with speakers available during the scheduled session time to answer attendee Q & A in real time using the chat feature. The Q & A for these sessions will be text based with no live video or audio feed to the Q & A component.
Pre-conference Sessions: All pre-conference sessions will take place on Zoom to allow for interaction via breakout groups. Pre-conference registrants will receive the link to the zoom meeting via email on May 3rd.
Poster Sessions: All posters will be available on demand in the Poster Gallery to be viewed at any time.  In addition, there are 3 scheduled poster sessions where the poster presenters will be available to answer attendee questions via chat. Attendees can also leave questions in the chat at any time during the meeting for poster presenters to answer.
Section Meetings: Section Meetings will be held on Zoom to encourage networking in breakout groups. On May 5th you can access the Zoom meeting links the Annual Meeting Virtual Platform and on the AGS website in MyAGSOnline.
Special Interest Groups: Since SIGs are networking groups, they will be held on Zoom so that attendees can interact with one another. SIG Meetings are open to all AGS Annual Meeting registrants. On May 5th you can access the Zoom meeting links on the Annual Meeting Virtual Platform and on the AGS website in MyAGSOnline.

What should I do in advance of the #AGS21 Virtual Annual Meeting to prepare for the event?

  1. Be sure that you know your Login Username and password for #AGS21.  Log into the #AGS21 Virtual Meeting site in advance of the meeting dates and familiarize yourself with the platform.
  2. Create your own Personal Schedule. Review the Annual Meeting Program and create a personalized Playlist with the sessions that interest you the most.
  3. Visit the Poster Gallery, watch the AGS Awards ceremony and the AGS Members Business Meeting.
  4. Make sure that your system meets the system requirements to access the #AGS21 Virtual Platform.

What are the system requirements to access the #AGS21 Virtual event?

You will need a computer or mobile device and a reliable internet connection to access #AGS21 Virtual Meeting. The #AGS21 Virtual platform works best with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. The virtual meeting platform will work with Safari (or other Mac browsers like Brave or Edge) however, the layout might not look 100% right on them. You cannot use Internet Explorer for the virtual platform. Be sure to close all other open webpages, apps, VPN access, and other items that rely on internet connections as they may slow down your stream of the live activity.

All participants in #AGS21 Virtual are responsible for ensuring that their computers and/or mobile devices, their internet and wifi capacity, and their electrical/battery support are sufficient to fully engage in #AGS21 Virtual.

When will I receive the instructions to access #AGS21 Virtual? 

All registered participants will receive an email with a link to confirm participation in the virtual annual meeting prior to the activity. Please be sure the email address associated with your annual meeting registration is accurate and up to date so that there is no delay in receiving communications. 

I’m on the #AGS21 Virtual meeting site, why can’t I access content? 

Annual Meeting Registrants must log in to view content. In the upper righthand corner you will see a login button where you will need to enter the email address and password that you use for your AGS account or that you used to register for the meeting in order to view content.    

How do I log in to the virtual annual meeting platform?

You will need to log-in using your AGS account credentials OR the email address and password used when registering for the annual meeting. 

If you forgot your password click here then click the ”Forgot Password” button located under the orange “Log In” bar. Wait for email with subject “AGS Forgotten Password”, follow the link inside to reset it and go back to login.  It may take up to 15 minutes for the email to arrive and you may need to check your spam/ junk mail folder. Do NOT press the password reset button twice.

What time zone is the AGS21 virtual annual meeting taking place in? 

The AGS21 Virtual Annual Meeting will take place in Eastern Time. 

Can I share my virtual event login information with colleagues?  

Just as is the case with our in‐person annual meeting, participation is limited to the paid registrant only. All annual meeting content, including live stream events, evaluations, and CME/CE credit will be connected to a single log‐in and tied to the email address of the individual that registered for the virtual event. Log‐in information for each participant will be unique and cannot be shared.  

Can I log in to the Virtual Conference Platform on multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, you can log in on multiple devices at the same time. 

What languages will be available?

Sessions are available in English only.

Do I have access to all educational sessions? 

Meeting registrants  have access to all educational sessions except for the additional fee pre-conference sessions.   You will be given the opportunity to select which sessions you would like to attend virtually. It is up to you to decide which live stream events you wish to attend at which time.   You may attend as many or as few sessions as you want.

What are the “live” events that I can participate in during #AGS Virtual Meeting Days?

  • Attend the live streamed events as scheduled and use the chat feature to ask the presenters questions.
  • Network with your colleagues at one of the many scheduled Section Meetings or Special Interest Groups (SIGS).
  • Chat with Poster Presenters during the scheduled Poster Presentation Times.

Will I be able to create a schedule? 

Yes, once you log in to the platform you will be able to add presentations to your playlist from the Educational Program tab. You can filter by session type (e.g. plenary), day, time, track (e.g. research), or search by keyword (e.g. dementia) or presenter.  If you see a session you like, click “Add to playlist” in the top right-hand corner of the session. From there, you can create a playlist. You can view your full playlist in the Playlist tab at the top of the conference platform.  

The session I want to attend starts in 10 minutes. I am logged in but it just says “Session will begin at its scheduled start time” on my screen.

Streamed sessions don’t begin streaming until the time the session begins - not before the start time. Stay logged in; it will begin streaming on schedule. Remember - sessions are listed in Eastern Time.

How do I actually get to the videos?

Educational Sessions: Click on ”View Session” in the session title box
Poster Hall: Click on “Presentation details” in the poster box. Posters sessions may take a few seconds to load because there are hundreds of videos in each session.

What do I do if I want to watch 2 sessions that are streaming at the same time?

You will need to choose which session that you want to stream live at the scheduled time and watch the other session on demand at a later time. All sessions, except for pre-conference sessions, will be recorded and available on demand until August 15th, 2021.  

What if I don't like a session? Can I switch?

Yes, just go back to the schedule and select a different session that is being streamed at that time. 

Will sessions be available for viewing after the virtual meeting?

Yes. On-demand access will be available to all educational sessions through the #AGS21 Annual Meeting Platform through August 15, 2021, except for the additional fee pre-conference sessions.  Meeting Registrants need to log in with their registration credentials to gain access to all of the #AGS21 On-Demand content.

Can I ask questions during the educational sessions? 

Meeting attendees are encouraged to ask questions during the live streamed events using the Chat Feature.  Symposia, Workshop, Paper Session and Poster Session presenters will be available during the scheduled stream time, and will answer questions through the Chat Feature.   Plenary Session speakers will answer questions that attendees posted in the Chat Feature live on-screen at the end of their sessions. 

How do I use the Chat Feature?

Click the “Chat” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Session View screen.  A window will open in the bottom right corner of your screen.  You can adjust the size of the window by dragging the upper left corner of the window.  Then click “Join Chat”. You may view any messages entered in the chat and you can enter your own message. Live monitoring of Chat only takes place while the session is in progress and is not available on-demand.

Will I be able to privately message a speaker or will everything in the chat be available to the public?

Any question you send directed at a moderator or speaker will be available to the public in the chat forum. The speaker’s response to you will also be shown publicly.


Continuing Education (CME & CE) 

Will the #AGS21 virtual meeting be accredited for CME and CE?

Yes. The 2021 Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting is accredited for the following:

  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ - up to 69 CME credits
  • ABIM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) point requirements – up to 69 ABIM MOC points
  • AAFP Prescribed Credit – up to 20.25 credits for the live sessions only! No AAFP credit is available for on-demand sessions.
  • Certified Medical Director Credit – up to 33.5 Management hours and 49 Clinical hours
  • Continuing Nursing Education – up to 69 nursing credits
  • Continuing Pharmacy Education Credit – up to 21 pharmacy credits for the live sessions only! No Pharmacy credit is available for on-demand sessions.

How do I get my CME/CE credits? 

  • You may claim AMA, CMD and Nursing Credits on the virtual annual meeting platform by adding the sessions that you want to claim credit for to you CME/CE Cart:
  1. After you view the session, select the “Add credit cart” link at the top of the page.  You will only be able to claim credit and evaluate sessions once they have aired. 
  2. Click on the Session Evaluation link to the right of the session title to complete the session evaluation.
  3. When you are ready to claim your credit, go to the CME/CE Credit Cart (located in the header bar).  Choose the type of credit you wish to claim from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Attendees must complete the overall meeting evaluation in order to claim credits. A link to the Overall Meeting Evaluation can be found to the right on the CME/CE credit cart page.  
  5. Once you have completed the evaluation, click on “Save Progress/Access CME/CE Certificate” link on the right side of the page.  Select “Generate Certificate” to access your CME/CE certificate and transcript.  Select “print” to print or save your certificate.  Select “email” to email yourself a copy.

I printed a CME/CE certificate for the live sessions I attended.  Can I print another one if I attend sessions on-demand at a later date?

Yes.  You will need to follow the steps above each time you add or change credit hours.

How long do I have to claim credits? 

Evaluations and claims for CME and Nursing CE will be accepted through August 15, 2021 at 11:59 pm Eastern time. Evaluations and claims for Pharmacy CE must be submitted by June 12, 2021.

What is the AGS code of conduct for virtual events? 

AGS expects all participants to exercise consideration and respect  for  others. This includes refraining from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech at all times. If any participant, speaker, etc. involved in the virtual activity engages in behavior deemed unacceptable by AGS, they will be immediately removed from the virtual event without refund and banned from participating in all future in‐person and virtual events hosted by AGS. 

cancellation/ Refund Policy

Cancellation of registrations must be received in writing no later than Friday April 16, 2021. No refunds will be issued after Friday April 16 for cancellations or no-shows. Substitutions are permitted if requested in writing. Please send cancellation or substitution requests by email to AGS@showcare.com or by fax to 1-888-695-5498. Refunds will be issued no sooner than 45 days following the meeting and are subject to the following processing fees:

  •     On or before March 17, 2021: $50 processing fee
  •     March 18 - April 16, 2021: $100 processing fee
  •     After April 16, 2021: No refunds will be issued 

All participants in #AGS21 Virtual are responsible for ensuring that their computers and/or mobile devices, their internet and wifi capacity, and their electrical/battery support are sufficient to fully engage in #AGS21 Virtual. No refunds will be provided to any participants experiencing technology and/or connectivity problems or outages, whether resulting from the participant’s own system or a more widespread virus or attack.

My plans have changed and I can’t attend the virtual live streamed event. May I cancel my registration and get a refund?

Please take a moment to review our registration and refund policies. Individuals who register for #AGS21 Virtual will have on-demand access to session recordings for 3 months following the event (until August 15, 2021), so live attendance is not required or necessary.

Will the virtual meeting include an exhibit hall?

The #AGS2021 Virtual Annual Meeting will not include an exhibit hall. 

Who do I contact for technical help? 

For registration questions or if you experience any issues with logging into the meeting, please contact AGS at 212-308-1414 or info.amger@americangeriatrics.org. For technical assistance pertaining to the virtual platform display, the chat feature, and/or the credit claiming system, please call (217) 398-1792 or email amger@support.ctimeetingtech.com. Technical Support is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm EDT. Technical Support is available May 15 from 10:00 am–4:00 pm EDT.