While we’re sorry the AGS 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting has been canceled, the AGS team has been hard at work on new opportunities to network, communicate, and collaborate—both this year and as we look toward #AGS21 (May 13-15, 2021; Chicago, IL).

There’s nothing like seeing our members face-to-face, but we hope our short-term and long-term plans, outlined below, will not only advance cutting-edge expertise but also reinforce that our community is strongest when we’re together (even when we’re apart):

For 2020…

VIRTUAL SESSIONS: We’re excited to announce a series of virtual events this May and June covering key highlights from the original #AGS20 program.  These will include web-conference versions of the following sessions:

Details will be emailed to AGS members, our original meeting registrants, and subscribers to our AGS Annual Scientific Meeting updates.  We hope to share more information about our schedule and logistics for joining soon.

HONORING AWARDEES & PRESENTERS: We also hope you’ll join us in continuing to celebrate our abstract presenters and 2020 awardees, who put tremendous time and effort into their contributions to our field.

  • This year’s awardees will be recognized with our 2021 honorees during a special, extended ceremony at #AGS21. You can learn more about our 2020 award recipients in an upcoming issue of the AGS newsletter. Our call for 2021 award nominations will be issued later this year.
  • The AGS received record-breaking abstract submissions this year, which are now on vivid display in a special (free) supplement to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS). Please take time to recognize your colleagues for their hard work by sharing questions and building conversations on MyAGSOnline and social media (using #AGS20 #PosterTour).

For 2021…

LEVERAGING HARD WORK FROM 2020: Everyone—from our Program Committee members to AGS leaders and geriatrics experts who submitted proposals for #AGS20 sessions—worked tirelessly on a meeting agenda that still has us #AGSProud.  To honor that work, we’ll be bringing to #AGS21 almost all pre-conference sessions and #AGS20 symposia and workshops (excluding poster and paper sessions, which will be refreshed with new research submissions we’ll accept later this year). Moderators and presenters will be contacted soon with more details. As we work to keep these events as relevant as possible, rest assured that we’ll be:

  • Assigning a Program Committee leader to help review and update proposals to keep them on the cutting-edge of care come 2021.
  • Delaying our next program proposal request to May 2021, when we’ll begin accepting ideas for #AGS22.

SUPPORTING THE LATEST SCIENCE & INNOVATION: With our #AGS20 abstracts available for review thanks to JAGS, we’re excited to welcome new research submissions for poster and paper sessions at #AGS21. Our call for abstracts will be issued this fall.  For more information about our general submission guidelines, click here.

We’ve updated our FAQ with additional information about particulars for virtual sessions this year and in-person events at #AGS21. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at info.amger@americangeriatrics.org.

As we continue to navigate these difficult times, we remain grateful for such a warm and caring community—and as committed as ever to showing and supporting that community’s strength. We look forward to meeting you online, in-person, and wherever we can as we work together to continue advancing high-quality, person-centered care for all older adults.

Our best,

Joseph Shega, MD
Program Chair (2020 & 2021)

Sunny Linnebur, PharmD
President (2019-2020)

Annie Medina-Walpole, MD, AGSF
President (2020-2021)

Nancy Lundebjerg, MPA
AGS Chief Executive Officer