• Date:
  • Time: 10:30am - 11:30am
  • Track: Models of Care
  • CME/CE: 1.0

Moderator: Maura J. Brennan, MD
The overarching goal of the workshop is to overcome barriers and empower more attendees to formally join the "age-friendly" health system movement. After brief presentations, attendees will rotate at 10-minute intervals through three of the tables below.  Learning Objectives: (1) describe the steps needed to become an age-friendly health system; (2) list at least 3 ways geriatrics experts can access resources to advance the age-friendly health system movement; (3) report at least 3 different approaches to age-friendly program design and resolution of challenges; and (4) utilize contacts/mentorship relationships made during the session to support their own age-friendly planning.

The Age Friendly Health System Movement: Current State and Future Prospects
Leslie J. Pelton, MPA
Resources to Support New Members of the AFHS Movement
Alice F. Bonner, RN, PhD, FAAN
Baystate Health's Journey
Rebecca M. Dobert, AS; Maryam Hasan, MD; Alina C. Sibley, MSN, APRN
Cooley Dickinson Hospital's Path
Navneet Marwaha, MD
The AFHS Experience at Rush
Erin Emery-Tiburcio, PhD, ABPP; Robyn L. Golden, LCSW
Maine Health's AFHS Program
Molly L. Anderson, BS
Report Out/Open Forum
All faculty