2023 Presidential Poster Session Awardees

We congratulate the following Presidential Poster Session award recipients for 2023!

Case Series & Case Studies: 
Yu Shindo
Poster B55 - A case of Successful Buprenorphine Use for an Older Patient with Chronic Severe ADL Limiting Back Pain

Clinical Innovation & Quality Improvement: 
Koshy Alexander
Poster B64 - Cancer and Aging Interdisciplinary Team (CAIT) Clinic-Development and Implementation of an Interdisciplinary Telemedicine Clinic for Older Patients Planned for Cancer Treatment

Clinical Trials:
Catherine Sarkisian 
Poster B97 - A pragmatic RCT of an electronic health record (EHR) alert to reduce antipsychotic prescriptions among patients with dementia

Victoria M. Lee
Poster B113 - Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Implications for Physical, Cognitive, and Functional Impairment in a National Sample of Older Community-Dwelling Adults

Ethics & Qualitative Research:
Mikayla Gordon Wexler
Poster - B129  “It shouldn’t be like this”: Family Caregivers’ Navigation of the Insurance Landscape for Family Members with Dementia

Geriatric Bioscience: 
Sawyer Peralta
Poster B140 - Ketone bodies selectively insolubilize misfolded proteins into inert aggregates in aging and Alzheimer disease models

Geriatric Education: 
Alaine Murawski
Poster B162 - NegotiAge: Pilot Testing an Artificial Intelligence-Based Family Caregiver Negotiation Training Program

Geriatric Medicine in Other Specialties:
Eduardo Baluyot Biala
Poster B174 - Encore Presentation Validation of the Edmonton Frail Scale-Acute Care in patients ≥ 65 years undergoing surgery

Geriatric Syndromes: 
Iriana S. Hammel
Poster B196 - Vaccination as a protective factor for PASC in Frail, Pre-frail, and Robust Veterans During the Omicron Wave

Health Services & Policy Research:
Matthew E. Growdon
Poster B214 - High-risk medication use among community-dwelling older adults with dementia living alone

Neurologic & Behavioral Science:
Rejoice F. Dhliwayo
Poster B229 - Factors Associated with Disagreement between App-Directed Clinician Ultra-Brief Confusion Assessment Method and Research Reference Standard Delirium Assessments

Quality Measurement and Quality Improvement:
Lauren Dugan
B242 - Antipsychotic Use in Nursing Homes Increased Nationally During the COVID-19 Pandemic