Edward Henderson Student Award

The Edward Henderson Student Award is presented to an undergraduate student in a health professions program who is interested in pursuing a career in geriatrics and with demonstrated excellence in contributing to the field. 


To be eligible for nomination, an undergraduate student in a health professions program including, but not limited to, dentistry, nursing, social work, pharmacy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy, must have demonstrated a commitment to the field of geriatrics through leadership in areas pertinent to geriatrics, the initiation of new information or programs in geriatrics, or scholarship in geriatrics through original research or reviews. 

Nomination Process

The student must be nominated by one faculty member with at least two supporting letters of nomination from other faculty. The application packet must be compiled by the nominator and must include 

  1. The nominating letter; 
  2. Two accompanying letters of recommendation (limited to one page per letter); 
  3. The student's curriculum vitae; 
  4. A statement (approximately 150 words in length) from the student nominee describing his/her work and interest in geriatrics; and 
  5. Supporting materials, such as copies of research papers, abstracts, or reports mentioned in support of the nominee. A syllabus of the program the student has participated in or will participate in may also be included. Only documented work will be reviewed or considered by the selection committee. 
  6. A 150-word summary statement of your nominees’ achievements which we will use in our announcements and speeches.  Your summary should focus on the impact that they have had or will have on the field of geriatrics.

Applications for 2024 are now closed. 

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