Special Interest Group

  • Date:
  • Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Track: Networking

Chair: Irene Hamrick, MD

The IT Issues Special Interest Group serves the AGS Membership by establishing a venue for members with an interest in Information Technology as it applies to Geriatrics.  These members see Electronic Health Records (EHR) as a means for improving medical care by reducing error rates, improving efficiency, augmenting communication, facilitating optimal reimbursement and decreasing expenses.  An important focus of this SIG is to provide information, support and an organized center for coordinating information and resources to optimize the use of EHR in a senior health care environment.  This includes ambulatory and long-term care senior health care settings and the transitions of care from one setting to another. Beyond health information exchange, this SIG also encompasses telemedicine and computerized assessment/biotechnology advancements including vital signs, laboratory testing, and imaging from remote locations. The current politics of health care reform, reimbursement and research as applicable to information technology are also areas of intense interest for this Group, as are security, privacy, costs, expansion, educational opportunities and future development of IT as societal demands on its role in geriatric medicine increase.