Choosing Wisely Champion


The goal of the Choosing Wisely Champions program is to help expand the Choosing Wisely campaign through dissemination of positive stories of individual clinicians, or teams of clinicians, and to serve as an inspiration to others within their specialty so that they may apply learnings in their own practice. It also reaffirms society partner commitments to the campaign and demonstrates tangible action toward advancing the goals of Choosing Wisely.


The AGS Choosing Wisely Champion is any clinician who has demonstrated at least two of the following characteristics:

  • Advanced Choosing Wisely in their practice.
  • Played a major role in development of society recommendations.
  • Helped educate society members about Choosing Wisely and/or recommendations.
  • Conducted measurement of recommendations.
  • Validated research of importance of recommendations.
  • Demonstrated leadership of a localized Choosing Wisely effort.
  • Served as a spokesperson for the Society or campaign.

Application Process 

Our nomination form asks for:

  • The nominee’s name and contact information;
  • The nominating individual’s name and contact information (Note: Clinicians can self-nominate).
  • A checklist for eligibility criteria (listed above).
  • Space for a 3-5 sentence nomination statement (explicating eligibility criteria).

Any active AGS member, including a representative from the Choosing Wisely expert panel, is eligible to submit a nominee.

The selection panel will be comprised of:

  • Choosing Wisely expert panelists (excluding any individual nominated as a champion and/or any individual who has nominated an AGS member as a champion).
  • 2 AGS staff members will assist in the process but not vote. 

Based on voting results, the panel can propose more than one (but no more than 3) champion from among the nomination pool.


In recognition of their accomplishments, AGS Choosing Wisely Champions receive:

  • A certificate presented at AGS Annual Scientific Meeting awards ceremony.
  • A $50 gift certificate to
  • Features on the AGS and Choosing Wisely websites and in select resources.
  • Template materials (email announcement, sample press release, etc.) for sharing news.

Applications for 2024 are now closed. 

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