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  • Track: Models of Care
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Moderator: Mindy J. Fain, MD

This session will provide an overview of the challenges in caring for people with HIV (PWH) aged fifty and older who sometimes may feel caught in the space in between the worlds of HIV medicine and Geriatric models of care. Learning Objectives: (1) describe the demographic trends of HIV and aging in the United states with focus on unmet needs and the prevalence of Geriatric Syndromes with emphasis on health equity and disparities in care delivery; (2) provide an overview of HIV and aging in terms of pathophysiology and delineate between accelerated and accentuated aging in the setting of HIV; (3) examine existing care models and outcomes for people with HIV aged 50 and older; and (4) discuss expanded models of care conceptualization and delivery.

HIV and Aging: Understanding the Implications and Demographics of HIV Infection
Matthew L. Russell, MD, MSc
HIV and Aging Partnerships: Current Models of HIV-Geriatric Care
Angela Condo, MD
Models of Care: NYS People Aging with HIV Pilot
John Hartigan, LCSW