ePoster Presenter Instructions

ePoster presenters must submit their ePoster as a small MP4 file (video file) presentation. The MP4 file should be no more than 5 slides and a total recording time of no more than 5 minutes in length.

MP4 files are due on April 19, 2024*  

ePoster presenters will be emailed separate instructions for uploading their presentation. The site will open for uploading on April 15, 2024. 

*The MP4 file for ePoster presentation has a firm deadline of April 19, 2024. There will be no extensions to this deadline. The MP4 file must be recorded by the presenter and uploaded to the site. AGS Staff cannot upload the MP4 presentation on the presenter's behalf.

MP4 Guidelines: 

We recommend you prepare a maximum of 5 slides. The first slide should contain your abstract title and your conflict of interest disclosure information.  The other slides should contain the following: Introduction or Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions, or similar scientific process. The last slide may include acknowledgements (no corporate logos), contact information if you choose, and the date and time of your “live” poster presentation. A PowerPoint template for your ePoster is available here: PowerPoint Template. Record your MP4 file with audio, with you verbally presenting the information for your slides. ePosters may not contain any corporate logos or branding. Utilize generic drug or therapy names where available.

Naming Your MP4 File

Be sure to name your file with the following format:

Your Last Name and the first few words of your poster title 

Example 1: Smith Antihypertensive Deprescribing
Example 2: Moore Cerebral Cortex AB

Do not name your file “AGS” or “AGS24”. 

When naming your file, please keep the length under 30 characters and do NOT include special symbols ($ & + , / : ; = ? @ ” < > # % { } | \ ^ ~ [ ] `) as this will prevent your presentation from uploading through the submission website.

How to Create an MP4 ePoster Presentation

  1. Download the PowerPoint Template.
  2. Record yourself presenting.  This can be done via Zoom (instructions below), your computer, or your institution's studio.  As a reminder the maximum length for ePoster recordings is 5 minutes.
  3. Save your presentation as a .MP4

How To Record Your Presentation Using Zoom 

  1. Visit in a web browser.
  2. Create a Zoom account – either free or licensed will work.
  3. Download and install the Zoom desktop app for Mac or Windows at
  4. Open and sign into the Zoom desktop app.
  5. Select New Meeting.
  6. Select either Join with Computer Audio or Phone Call to select your microphone input.
  7. Make Zoom window full screen.
  8. Choose Share Screen and select a window to show your slide presentation.
  9. Position and resize speaker video in lower right-hand corner so that it does not obscure any of your slide content.
  10. Make presentation full screen and enter presentation display mode.
  11. Choose Record on this Computer from the More… dropdown in the Zoom controls at the top of the screen.
  12. Record your presentation, keeping an eye on your time. Rerecord if your presentation runs longer than 5 minutes.
  13. Choose Stop Recording from the More… dropdown in the Zoom controls at the top of the screen.
  14. Exit your presentation.
  15. Choose Stop Sharing from the Zoom controls at the top of the screen.
  16. Choose End, End Meeting for All in the lower right-hand corner.
  17. Zoom will convert the meeting recording into an MP4 video file, named zoom_0.mp4. If you make multiple recordings, the files will be named sequentially – zoom_0.mp4, zoom_1.mp4, zoom_2.mp4, and so on.
  18. Rename your recording file to your last name + the first few words of your poster title (e.g. “Smith Antihypertensive Deprescribing”) so that it is identifiable.
  19. Zoom will automatically save the recording in a folder the program automatically creates and opens to view upon completion. We recommend that you move or copy the recording to you desktop so you can find it easily.
  20. Your recording is now ready for uploading for the AGS 2024 Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting! AGS will email separate instructions for uploading your presentation.